Disclaimer: Student Loan Tutor is an independent business. We are not affiliated with and do not work for the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Department of Education. We are not a collection agency. All services are provided at the direction of our clients.

The Smarter Way To Repay

Since our founding in 2015, our team at Student Loan Tutor has provided a full-service consultation and management process for federal student loan repayment. Similar to having a trustworthy CPA navigate a difficult tax situation, our tutors and processing team work with borrowers across the nation to ensure the least amount of educational expense legally possible.

We also take care of all the paperwork, follow-ups and annual requirements for our clients, saving time as well as money. With a specialty in self-employed borrowers, physicians and graduate degree professionals with six figure loan balances, our clients benefit from a life-of-loan strategy that saves an average of $100,000. No refinancing, no gimmicks, just utilizing an expert's understanding of the system.

Waiting to address Student Loans until the Administrative Forbearance ends is costing borrowers more than they think. Even with $0 payments and 0% interest, without fully knowing all of the options available with Income-Driven Repayment plans, borrowers are missing an opportunity to maximize their savings and effectively prepare for the tax implication that happens at the end of 20-25 years.

Our Strategy in a Nutshell

We look at all the options with the Department of Education to reduce the monthly payments as close to $0/month as possible.

Ultimately, rather than trying to pay off the loan as fast as possible, we want to leverage the options of Income-Driven Repayment plans to reduce monthly payments and have the remaining balance at the end forgiven in the form of income, where they would pay at most 37 cents on the dollar at today's highest tax bracket, which frees up the cash flow to invest in themselves.

Our Consultation Process

The initial call is a free evaluation to gather the information necessary to set up an hour consultation and brief the borrowers on what to expect.

We charge a refundable $150 deposit to book the hour consultation with our Tutors (consultants that go over the long term strategy options in detail and determine the best course). The strategy report is then shared with their financial professional.

This deposit fee would go towards our first year fee.

We handle all the paperwork, strategy and filing on the borrower's behalf every year until the forgiveness occurs typically 20-25 years down the road.

Book your consultation today: https://calendly.com/free-evaluations/fa

Our Annual Service Ensures that Our Clients

-Are always in the most beneficial financial scenario regardless of changes in their lives.
-That all of their required paperwork is done on time and correctly.
-That any beneficial changes in higher education reform are taken advantage of.

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The 5 Star Student Loan Advisor

Student Loan Tutor is ranked 5.0 stars on the Better Business Bureau, Facebook and Google.

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5/5 stars. Established 2015.

Why Financial Advisors Love Us


Student loan tutor has been a valuable addition to our wealth strategy process with our clients. Prior to meeting them, student loans were always the elephant in the room. Now we have solutions that not only help the client have a clear strategy around paying off their loans, but we can also do amazing planning around the dollars that have been freed up. We can offer so much more value now that student loan tutor is a member of our strategic partner community.

-Justin Maxwell, Tax & Wealth Strategist at Big Life Financial

Find the Best Repayment Program

When your clients speak with a Tutor, they'll show them the cost of each repayment program and which one will save the most money.

find the best programs

Forget About Paperwork

After crafting the ideal repayment strategy, we'll complete all paperwork and deadline followups. It literally couldn't be easier.

paperwork and files

Our Ideal Client

-$100k+ in Federal Student Loan Debt ($75k on the low end)

- Self-employed or making under $300k per year base salary (not including bonus, commissions or additional incentives)

-Or borrowers working for a Non Profit, 501(c)3 or Government Entity because they qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Methods for scheduling the free evaluations for your clients

Book here: https://calendly.com/free-evaluations/fa


Email your client with the booking link above.

(As the Financial Advisor, if you'd like to be on the strategy consultation, please have the borrower inform our team on the Evaluation call. However our Tutor's follow up with the borrower's Financial Advisor after the strategy call to show what is necessary for the tax implication.)

Your Team

Zack Geist | Founder & CEO
Tony Ferra | Tutor Dept. Manager
Genevieve Bronson | Processing Manager
Michael Cundick | COO
Amie Engberg | Recertification Manager
Derek Snel | Regional Director
Dani Lynch | Director of Business Development
Stacey Rogers | General Counsel
Savannah Sbaiti | Client Success
Joe Fiacco | Student Loan Tutor
Kevin Harvey | Student Loan Tutor
Thatcher Norton | Student Loan Tutor
Sara Redman | Processing Lead
Kerry Derry | Processing Lead
Kelli Case | Processing Lead
Terni Blood | Processing Lead
Adam Deutsch | Processing Lead

More About Student Loan Tutor

Our organization has solved the student loan aspect of financial planning. We have helped free up over 3 million dollars per month in cash flow for thousands of high balance student loan borrowers. Which equates to tens of million dollars more that our financial partners have redirected towards savings and investments for their clients.

Our clients are highly educated professionals that carry high student loan balances and have high income generating potential. These are doctors, lawyers and other self-employed professionals. As you know, these are people that require large insurance policies and tend to reach tenure with millions of dollars under management. Instead of waiting for them to pay down their student loans, send them to us for a professional solution that improves their financial situation.

We charge our financial partners nothing to use our services. We charge the clients a fee for service, which is immediately and directly offset by the money we save them. We then share our strategy report with their financial professional so they can act on the necessary savings recommendations.

We DO NOT refinance our clients' student loans. We accomplish our results through a process of consulting, financial strategy and document preparation with the federal student loan servicers directly. Rarely does a refinance benefit a high balance borrower.

We’ve become the largest, most reputable and longest running full service student loan solution that exists. Established in 2014 and actively serving thousands of clients each year. We’ve maintained a nearly flawless reputation on Trustpilot and as an accredited A+ BBB business.

Now is the time to act. Student loans are scheduled to go into active repayment 60 days after the Supreme Court decision about the $10k to $20k in Biden Forgiveness, so at the latest September 1st, 2023.  We want to make sure to get ahead of this for your clients and potential clients who currently have student loans and make sure they are in the best option for Income Driven Repayment plans before payments resume.

Your clients can get a huge refund. Any of your clients/potential clients who have made student loan payments in 2020, 2021 and 2022, can have that money refunded. We’ve had 7 figures plus returned to our clients this year alone.

how it works