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Common Federal Student Loan Repayment Myths

Most people don't realize how powerful and flexible their federal student loans actually are.
Federal student loans don't work like any other forms of debt. Navigating them correctly can be one of the most powerful financial moves you will ever make.

The traditional financial advice is that paying your loans off quickly with high monthly payments is the only good way to save money. But for most federal student loan borrowers this is simply untrue and we're looking forward to proving it to you!

When you talk to a Tutor they'll put all of your relevant loan and financial information into our repayment strategy calculator. This shows the total cost and cashflow value of every repayment strategy, so you can clearly see the most valuable option. Most of the time, this involves maximizing your available subsidies, keeping payments as low as possible for 10-25 years, and benefiting from the resulting forgiveness of your balance.

So book a Free Evaluation today to get on track with working with a Tutor so we can show you all your repayment options and which is best for you.


Here's How It Works

On this call we'll answer your questions and make sure our services will save you a bunch of money. If they will, you can schedule an Initial Planning Call with a Tutor. For this call we charge a $150 refundable deposit for this one hour 1:1 consultation.

During the Planning Call we will make sure you:

1) Understand all your options with your exact loan details and circumstances
2) Identify the least expensive repayment strategy allowable
3) Are invited to become a client to receive white glove support to put the optimal strategy in place

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