Why should I hire Student Loan Tutor, why not do this myself?

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There is one primary reason that people become clients of Student Loan Tutor: we save them more money than if they do it themselves. Other reasons include erasing the hassle of having to deal yearly with servicers and the Department of Education, having us stay up to date on the changes that frequently occur, and then adjusting your strategy accordingly.

We ensure you are in the proper loan types, with the right consolidations, repayment plan, tax filing status and income documentation.

Structuring the plan is only the beginning; higher education debt is in constant flux, and so is your financial situation. As student loan law or your life situation evolves, the strategy for maximizing savings may change dramatically. Many clients we meet who have been happily paying $0 per month have found that we can still save them up to 50% over the life of the loan with proper adjustments. Most clients have misinformation as their guide: either the loan servicer (who is interested in collecting a debt) or online content that is biased (often encouraging federal borrowers to convert their debt into private student loans, lowering interest rate, but removing all subsidies, federal benefits, or any potential for full or partial loan forgivenessnot in the client’s best interest.)

Our clients also have access to private student loan advice and legal help pertaining to their student loans. (Legal advice and/or representation takes place through Student Loan Law, PC, and requires an additional retainer. Student Loan Tutor is NOT a law firm, but this is rarely required.)

Robert Kiyosaki said it best: “The most expensive advice you can receive is FREE advice.”

And this is generally the only advice one receives regarding student loans.

If you have $5,000-$10,000 in student debt and are not in default, our fees may exceed what you would save, and we recommend you should do it yourself, if you don’t mind the headache.

However, if you have $50,000-$100,000 or more in debt, our fees are a tiny fraction of what we will likely be able to save you.