How does Student Loan Tutor make money?

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We earn our revenue as simply as it gets: you pay us for services well rendered. We have earned every dollar, by helping our clients save thousands.

There are many resources online regarding student loan strategy. Often it appears to be free. We are confident that may raise eyebrows. Follow the money and you will understand the message. Just as with taxes, all of the information is out there, but how do you decipher it? What applies to you and can benefit you?

Most information online is put out by either the Department of Education, federal student loan servicers, or private student loan brokers. You’ve seen how opaque the first is. If you call the servicers you will get a different answer every time. Private student loan brokers masquerade as charitable knights in shining armor, here to teach you everything about student loans, and save your financial life. If you click on their link and end up refinancing your loans, they earn a large commission, and you lose all loan forgiveness. They even make money by placing ads throughout their sites. We don’t.

We work with our clients for the life of the loan, establishing strong and lasting relationships, and work primarily on referrals from satisfied clients.