How do I know this isn’t a scam?

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This is very easily answered, yet is the principle reason for hesitating to take action. At this time there are over 45,000,000 federal student loan borrowers, and 1.5 trillion dollars in federal student loan debt. With a demographic of this magnitude, many shady, potentially predatory businesses, and some well-meaning but incompetent organizations surface. How can you be sure we are not one of them?

We are so glad that you are reading this. Just check our:

Facebook Reviews. Why do we cite this first? Before client videos, BBB ratings, Google ratings, and more? Anyone can start a facebook page and anyone can write a facebook review – doesn’t that make this meaningless?

It’s actually the opposite, if you take a look.

Inspect the reviews; are they real people? What is their profession, what is the overall review like. All of our reviews are relevant- with real clients, sent directly from their Facebook profiles. If reviews are posted on our page, we cannot alter or delete them. (Incidentally, this is why many companies turn their reviews off.)

We have nothing to hide. Why do we have all 5 star reviews – are we perfect? No. We do meet clients that we can’t help. However, we NEVER charge a client we can’t help; we live by this policy. You are either a happy client or you pay nothing.

Client Testimonial Videos. We have been able to help many professionals so profoundly that they were happy to provide us with video testimonials. No one can better tell a client’s story than the client themself.

These are real clients and real situations, folks pleased to give their feedback on working with Student Loan Tutor. Loan documents are produced to show the results.

Our A+ rating with the BBB.  Actually not as persuasive as the above: BBB allows businesses to correct a situation, and then negative posts are removed.

We have none to remove.

Google. No negative reviews, from any client, anywhere on the internet. “Google” us – such a record is nearly impossible to accomplish. If we were a scam, someone, somewhere, would have posted about it.

Student Loan Tutor has been in business for years. We are not going anywhere. Our business model specifies that we help you as long as you retain us – for the life of your loan – for which we are paid. In many cases that’s 20 to 25 years, and we work hard to earn your continued business.

We retain Student Loan Law, PC, for many aspects of managing your file, with attorneys specially trained in federal and private educational loan law, a subset of consumer law.

Our fees are refundable. If we do not provide exactly what we promise, you receive a 100% refund of any fees. In the extremely rare situation when we have had to refund a client, this refund is made immediately.

We’ve looked – there is no other company with such a spotless reputation.