Our Team

Zack Geist

Zack has been founder and CEO of several successful companies, with over 500 employees, and nationwide reach. He became aware of one of the biggest problems we have, the student loan crisis. He then partnered with his good friend from childhood, attorney Alexander Cross, to found Student Loan Tutor. He has found great satisfaction in helping doctors so overwhelmed by debt, they were suicidal. Others were struggling in their business, or only employed rather than business owners, but with relief from their student debt, they prospered.

Alexander Cross, Esq.

Cofounder with Zack of Student Loan Tutor, and member of the California State Bar, he has been thoroughly educated in consumer law, and has specialized in the niche of student loan law. He is the founder of Student Loan Law, PC, retained by Student Loan Tutor when needed for the purposes of gathering information from loan servicers. He is president of a highly successful San Francisco law firm, with multiple associates.

Amie Conover

Amie has worked in customer relations for twenty years, and in charge of the Operations Department for Student Loan Tutor since 2016. Mother of three, she loves helping our clients be free from worry over their student loan debt, and says it is the most rewarding job she’s had. Amie is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Michael Cundick

Michael Cundick has 15 years of experience in financial services and has a diverse background in business management and community building. He has been with Student Loan Tutor from the outset, and has been Director of the Tutoring Department since 2016. He currently resides at his homestead with his wife.

Derek Snel

Having worked in customer service for over fifteen years, Derek Snel serves as office administrator, and helping Amie in processing paperwork.  He has attended four different colleges, and knows all too well the hassle involved with student loan providers.  Derek enjoys helping people with their loans, and learning all about the field itself.