Our Clients

Our Clients

Student Loan Tutor has helped thousands of physicians: allopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, dentists, naturopaths, and such, people saddled with large monthly payments from their student loans.

We specialize in working with busy professionals, often with $50,000+ in student loans, and have worked with every scenario that one can imagine.

We invite you to surprise us with something new!

Our clients tend to be professionals with an expensive education, but a practice that takes time to grow highly profitable. They see the debt piling up, and worry that they’ve never had a truly professional opinion guiding them to the BEST way to handle it. Finally, the enormous work of keeping abreast of the frequent changes in student loans, and the yearly paperwork involved, is overwhelming.

They’ve left school, now, and the initial zero payments are long gone. They’ve been poorly advised over the years by their school’s financial aid office, uneducated loan servicers, and uninformed colleagues. Despite improvement in income, you are burdened by a sizable monthly bill that barely reduces the balance - it might even be growing!

People in your situation are elated when they see our results. From long experience and study your tutor immediately sees which repayment model will be best to minimize the cost of your education. We focus straight away on reducing your monthly payment, to zero, if possible. This increases cash flow, growing your business by moving money there, or to an investment. (Often making payments actually increases the total cost of the loan - why throw this money away?) We will minimize your interest accrual, preventing it from capitalizing, and maximize your subsidies and forgiveness options, constantly revising the plan as the field evolves.

Student Loan Tutor removes all your uncertainty, freeing up your valuable time and eliminating the stress you are feeling. You now have an ongoing resource taking care of everything student loan related.